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Optical Society of America (OSA)
American Vacuum Society (AVS)
International Society for Optical Engineers (SPIE)
Association of Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers International (AVEM)
Society for Information Display (SID)
Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC)
Coating Vendors back to top
Accucoat, Inc. - Rochester, NY
Acton Research Corp. - Acton, MA
Applied Coatings - Rochester, NY

Barr Associates - Westford, MA
Deposition Sciences, Inc. - Santa Rosa, CA
Diamonex - Allentown, PA
Edmund Optics, Inc. - Barrington, NJ

Evaporated Coatings, Inc. - Willow Grove, PA
EMF - Ithaca, NY
Genvac Aerospace Corp. - Cleveland, OH
IR Mulitlayer Laboratory, University of Reading - UK
JML Optical - Rochester, NY
Kerdry - France
Melles Griot - Rochester, NY
MLD Technologies - Mountain View, CA
Ocean Optics, Inc. - Dunedin, FL
Omega Optical, Inc. - Brattleboro, NH
Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc. - Santa Rosa, CA (JDSU)
Optical Coating Technologies, Inc. - Easthampton, MA
Optical Filter Source - Austin, TX
Optics Balzers - Lichtenstein
Optosigma - Santa Ana, CA
Oriel - Stratford, CT
PHOSCTECH Photonics, Ltd - Fuzhou, China

Quantum Coating - Moorestown, NJ
(Denton Vacuum)
Richardson's Grating Lab - Rochester, NY (Newport)
Selectron International Optronics - Islip, NY
Semrock, Inc. - Rochester, NY
Twin Star - Port Richey, FL
Monitoring Equipment back to top
Tangidyne Corp.
- Advanced Quartz Crystal Technology
Software back to top
Essential Macleod - Thin Film Software
Filmstar - Thin Film Software
OptiLayer - Thin Film Software
Oslo - Optical Design Software
TFCalc - Thin Film Software
Wizard - Thin Film Software
Tracepro - Optical Design Software
Vacuum Equipment Vendors back to top
A&N Corporation
- High Vacuum Components
Denton Vacuum, Inc.
- Master Chamber Builder
Duniway Stockroom Corp.
- Vacuum Pumps, etc.
Ion Tech, Inc.
- Ion Beam Sources
- Inline Sputtering Systems & Parts
Kurt J. Lesker Company
- High Vacuum Equipment
Leybold Optics
- Master Chamber Builder, High Vacuum Equipment
Mill Lane Engineering
- Master Chamber Builder
Pascal Technologies
- High Vacuum Equipment
Rigaku Vacuum Products
- High Vacuum Equipment
Trillium SubFab Services
- Vacuum Equipment Repair & Refurbishment

Vacuubrand, Inc.
- Oil Free Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum Process Technology, Inc.
- Master Chamber Builder
Varian Vacuum Technologies
- High Vacuum Equipment
Hardcoating Manufacture/Chemistry back to top
SDC Coatings - Chemistry
Van Technologies - Chemistry
Applied Hardcoating Technologies - Manufacture
General Coating Company - Manufacture
Lens Technology (LTI) - Chemistry & Manufacture
Lighting  back to top
Electronic Theatre Controls - Stage/Studio
Orb Optronix - Designers
Radiant Imaging - Designers
Tailored Lighting, Inc. - Daylighting
Measurement Equipment back to top
J.A. Woollam Co., Inc.
- Ellipsometers
- Spectral Reflectance/Transmittance
Ocean Optics
- Spectrometers
Radiant Imaging
- Illumination Colorimeter
Spectra International
- Residual Gas Analyzers, etc.
- Surface Profilers
Optical Papers/Info back to top
Optics Infobase
- Database of journal and magazine articles related to optics and photonics.
Optics 2001
- Database and chat forums related to optics.
Substrate Vendors back to top
Optical Polymers Laboratory
- Acrylic & CR39
Plastica Italia
- Italian Plastic Manufactuere Database
Evaporant Manufacturers back to top
Cerac, Inc. - Milwaukee, WI
Lorad Chemical Corp. - St. Petersburg, FL
Merck - Darmstad, Germany
Reade Advanced Materials - (Sales) Providence, RI
Target Materials - Columbus, OH
Consultants back to top
Ion Beam Optics
- Develops Advanced Thin Film Deposition Technology for Clients
Contact Michael Fulton at:
Ion Beam Optics
Lefebvre Services, LLC
- Sputtering Process Development
Contact Paul LeFebvre at:
LeFebvre Service, LLC
Ronald R. Willey
- Ion Assisted Deposition, Process Development, Design of Experiments
Work in Optics .com
- Locate consultants from the working directory to meet your optical needs!

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