Thin Film Design & Applications

Why was JKC created?

JK Consulting was created to engage businesses related to thin films and/or interference coatings in creative new product development.  It was also created to assist in training engineers & scientists in the art of thin film design.

In the industry, there are few undergraduate curriculums that teach & help students become proficient in the art of thin film design.  There are several wonderful adult education courses taught throughout the year from Los Angeles, CA -- to Tucson, AZ  -- to Rochester, NY; but JKC saw the need for on-site training that is specialized for the workplace.

Who is JKC?

JKC is the brainchild of Dr. Jennifer Kruschwitz (see Jennifer's Credentials ).  Jennifer has over 35 years experience in the thin film/optical coating industry and has supported companies in government, academic, and industrial projects with considerable success.

How can JKC assist my company?

JKC can be contracted to provide design support for various new product projects, fill-in for key engineering personnel during a transitioning time, or provide on-site training to operations or R&D in the art of thin film design and manufacture for companies that have limited training resources.

JKC is also an excellent free referral service for other consultants in the areas of optical design.

How do I contact JKC?

Either email us at:  JK Consulting


call us at: (585)271-8861   

JK Consulting,
Dr. Jennifer Kruschwitz (Principal Engineer)
175 Dartmouth Street, Rochester, NY  14607